CFO Services in UAE

CFO Services in UAE

Jet Set your business with Protax CFO services. Get accurate analysis, financial reporting, great insights and most of all, peace of mind while you work on building your business. Your company might consider whether or not to hire a CFO for your business. Either the CFO you earlier had has resigned, or this might be the first time you are looking to recruit a qualified person for the position of a CFO. In both ways hiring a Chief Financial Officer is a good decision.
However, here are some reasons why an outsourced CFO service in UAE will benefit you over hiring a full-time CFO on the company payroll.

Get the Advantage of More Skills and Experience

When you hire accounting services and CFO services in UAE, you don’t hire a single person responsible for carrying out the duties of the company’s CFO. However, you have access to multiple people and a dedicated manager to bring you insights that a single person wouldn’t be able to look into. One person won’t be able to cover all the areas you wish to cover; in this case, a CFO service can provide expertise in the dullest and grey areas of finance and the accounting process of your business.

Save on the Payroll Costs

One of the biggest threats to a company is letting go of good and talented people. A CFO position is critical in the company and is responsible for making critical decisions and strategies, reviewing and controlling the entire accounting process of the company. When a key person like the CFO resigns, replacing the same talent with another is a massive task, not to forget the costs of employee retention or higher settlement payouts. CFO services in Dubai ensure that you get all your CFO-related services regularly without any changes in the quality of reporting and consultation without compromising the financial leadership of your business.

Wide Area of Expertise

Protax provide CFO services in Dubai and other emirates. We provide our business partners with informed and sound financial services that ensure growth advantages for your company. If you are a non-finance person, you do not need to crunch the numbers yourself. We provide our expertise and up-to-date strategic advice, so you can make the right decisions while focusing on the company’s growth.

Our team of experts for the CFO services are certified accountants with a minimum of 10 years of experience specializing in auditing, financial controls, financial planning and analysis, budgeting and performance management. Some of the essential services that we offer are.

➔ Planning and budgeting
➔ Profit margin analysis and implementation of improvement plans
➔ Preparing financial reports, Tax reports and taxation strategies.
➔ Handling the accounting department and overlooking the quality of bookkeeping
➔ Cash flow analysis
➔ Financial intelligence and analysis reporting with KPIs
➔ Raising capital, investments, and debt financing and debt management.
➔ Accurate annual financial reports and Business performance evaluation
➔ Look into the development of the finance department’s shortcomings through achievable
and realistic KPIs
➔ Compliance and regulations

You can hire a CFO service who can visit your office location or even connect with you virtually. Companies in the UAE require to comply with strict laws and regulations. Outsourced CFO services have a checklist of all the government compliance requirements. They are up to date with the changes in the industry trends and government policies, data protection, tax compliance and reporting standards.

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Hire CFO Services in Dubai From Protax

Our expertise doesn’t stop at “what is” but also provides the “what if” of every financial scenario of your business. We provide customized reports that are easy to understand and communicate
to your team of board members and key decision makers. We crunch the numbers for your business so you can make calculative decisions on investing. Some of the standard CFO services in UAE that we get hired for are:

➔ Creating financial strategy
➔ Heading process improvement, automation strategy and design
➔ Budgeting and short and long-term forecasting
➔ Raising capital and managing the capital structure.
➔ Debt management
➔ Improving cash functionality
➔ Interim CFO services in UAE
➔ Expertise in mergers and acquisitions
➔ Making the necessary cost cuts

Our expert CFO services in UAE provide timely engagement, office visits, and project management expertise for your business with the above list of services. We are focused on maximizing your profits while optimizing your costs. Get the best CFO services for small businesses while you are focused on building your product and taking care of customers; we ensure that your working capital works for you. Hiring a CFO for a growing business is an exponential cost. The ultimate loss is when a CFO resigns, and you wish to replace the position with someone equally, if not more talented. When outsourcing CFO services, you do not fear your finances being disturbed due to management changes. Click here to get a free consultation today.