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Protax POS is a highly capable VAT ready best POS software from Protax Softnet, a renowned provider of retail solutions in the MENA region. The cloud-based retail management software includes all of the key features to manage and operate single and multi-location stores.

Whether it is a Supermarket, Multi brand outlet, Lifestyle stores, Hyper market, Fast food shop or Boutique; Protax POS is the ultimate solution for any retail business, ensuring minimum operational expenses and maximum profitability.

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    Retail establishments often face multiple challenges in store optimization and integration due to the lack of efficient solutions that are scalable, easy to use and quick to deploy. Using different software for various divisions usually results in decreased productivity and increased expenses.

    As a one-stop and scalable retail software, Protax POS helps retailers in managing inventory, purchases, accounting and other aspects of the business. It significantly reduces costly and time-consuming chores which often tend to weigh down operations.

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    Comprehensive Features Of The Retail POS Software


    Supports End-To-End Integration
    The cloud-based POS system is customized to offer a complete retail management features for your single or multi-location store outlets. It would seamlessly integrate all departments, provide a total overview of each operation and help you manage day-to-day activities.


    Vat Compliance And Easy Return Filing
    Our POS billing software seamlessly integrates your finances and provides you with a total overview and options to manage transactions from a single, unified platform. Its VAT-ready features enable you to calculate and record TAX in billing and file returns with ease through automated processes.


    Automated Restocking Process
    By deploying our point of sale POS software, your retail business would never run the risk of having an imbalanced inventory. The integrated retail point of sale software would help you initiate restocking to match the consumer demand and also facilitate stock movement between branches.


    Personalized Dashboards
    The retail management system is equipped with comprehensive accounting, sales, pre-orders, home deliveries, purchase orders, inventory transfers, customer tracking and discount management modules. With no aspect of store management left uncovered, the retail POS software provides end-to-end solutions for all operational problems.


    Flexible Price Definitions
    The retail POS management software supports multiple price book definitions and is equipped with several pricing options. Use the system to define product prices based on customers, vendors, time duration of store visits, location, promotional offer, currency and products/units purchased.


    Quick POS To Avoid Queues
    The cashier system software integrates all the afore-mentioned functionalities with its billing features and has ability to manage multiple outlets by assimilating and synchronizing sales data. Being compliant with VAT regulations, the cloud POS software makes TAX return filing easy and quick.

    AI in Retail Industry – Integrate AIFA with Protax POS

    Tap into the powers of artificial intelligence at your retail store! Get AIFA – Artificially Intelligent Futuristic Applications, Protax Softnet’s recently launched AI platform. With our AI-based POS, power your retail store with features such as robotic process automation (RPA), chatbots, predictive analytics and face recognition to identify loyal customers and buying trends. Explore AIFA now!

    Benefits Of Protax POS For Retail Stores


    Powerful Security Mechanisms
    As the best POS software for retail management, Protax POS enables users to manage inventory transfers, stock reconciliation, get notified on stock below the reorder level and auto-initiate reordering process based on indenting. It also has robust security mechanisms and approval systems.


    Multilingual And Multi-Currency Support
    Protax POS supports quick synchronization of data which allows users to manage remote stores from one central location. Users can transfer stock between stores, share pricing, update customer transactions, prepare discount schemes, generate gift cards, monitor receivables and much more. The system also supports Arabic language and multiple currencies for all stores it is used in.


    Integrate Sales With Inventory
    Our POS for retail shops is equipped with enhanced sales management modules through which you can manage walk-in sales, phone orders and pre-orders. The sales module is integrated with inventory to ensure that the fast-moving stock is replenished on time and no goods are overstocked.


    Design Customer Targeted Offers
    Our cloud-based POS system for retail ends the complexities of discount management. Use Protax POS software to initiate time/day specific discounts, offers based on items or bill amount, payment modes and other criteria which you can define and control.

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