Trademark Registration in UAE : Process and requirements

In times of cut-throat competition and innovative marketing strategies, protecting your brand identity is of utmost importance. Thanks to the UAE’s world-class business infrastructure, investors and entrepreneurs from across the globe move to the UAE to start their own companies, which has led to healthy competition in the market. With the competition comes along the unethical practices like brand copying and brand misuse. Some companies even see their brand name or logo being copied without their permission, which can impact their business. How would you feel if the brand that you have developed by investing all the time and marketing efforts is copied and is now being used by a competitor as their own and you can do nothing about it ? To avoid this situation trademark registration in the UAE can help. Legally registering your trademark, which can be a name or a symbol or a logo, in the UAE protects your company. In addition to this, you will be legally recognized as the owner of the goods and services with that trademark. Once a trademark is registered to you nobody can use it or its lookalike without your prior permission and if you catch somebody using it there is a legal infrastructure in place to stop it and even get you reimbursed with damage. Let’s get a deep dive in the process of Trademark registration in UAE.

What is a Trademark ?

According to Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks as amended, a trademark is any distinguished form of names, words, signatures, letters, figures, graphics, logos, titles, hallmarks, seals, pictures, patterns, announcements, packs or any other marks or group of marks, if they were used or intended to be used either to distinguish goods, products or services from whatever sources, or to indicate that certain services, goods or products belong to the owner of the trademark, because of their provision, manufacturing, selection or trading. The voice accompanying a trademark is considered a part of it.

What is Trademark Registration ?

Trademark registration is the process of registering your brand name, symbol or logo with the competent authority for getting it exclusive ownership and usage rights. Ministry of Economy is the competent authority to register trademarks in the UAE. To register a trademark, applicant can submit an online application via the ministry’s website.

There are many benefits to registering trademarks in the UAE, including brand protection, ensuring that other companies cannot copy or imitate your trademark, unique identity, market reputation etc. The UAE’s Ministry of Economy is the official authority that governs the registration, renewal and cancellation of trademarks. Trademark once registered is valid for 10 years and must be renewed after 10 years for next term.

Who can register a Trademark ?

According to Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks as amended, the following persons can register their trademarks:

  1. The UAE citizens and natural and artificial persons practising any commercial, industrial, professional or service business
  2. Foreigners and natural and artificial persons practising any commercial, industrial, professional or service business
  3. Foreigners and natural and artificial persons practising any commercial, industrial, professional or service business in any country on basis of reciprocity
  4. Other artificial persons eg. universities, associations etc.

How to make sure if your brand/logo can be registered as trademark ?

There are certain limitations to bear in mind when making an application for trademark registration in the UAE. It shall not contain any of the following:

  • Offence against any public morals and religions
  • Public symbols (such as flag of any country, public authority logos’ etc.)
  • Symbols such as for Red Cross and Red Crescent
  • Names or titles of third parties
  • Direct translations of other well-known trademarks

There may be additional limitations to what you can include in your trademark, which can be determined on a case to case basis by Ministry of Economy.

Steps to register Trademark in UAE ?

Step 1. Make sure the trademark that you are planning to register is not already registered.

The first step trademark registration procedure in the UAE is to make sure that it’s not already in use by someone else. If the trademark is already being used by someone else, you will not be able to register it. You can do this by searching for the trademark online, using tools such as Marcaria. Once you’re sure that the trademark is not already in use, you can proceed with the next steps of trademark registration in the UAE.

Step 2. Make the trademark registration application on Ministry Of Economy website.

The next step to register a trademark in the UAE is to make an online application on the Ministry of Economy’s website, which is the competent authority that governs trademark applications. For making a trademark registration application, 

  • select Services on the website’s homepage
  • then E-Services from the dropdown menu
  • Then select Trademarks from the Services page and 
  • click Trademark Registration under New Applications, once you have been redirected to the other page. 
  • Fill out the application form and upload the required documents.

The documents required for trademark registration in the UAE are as follows:

  • Logo, Symbol, Brand or Name to be Trademarked
  • Copy of Trade License
  • Power of Attorney
  • Passport Copy
  • Priority Document
  • List of Goods and Services to be protected
  • Other documents may be required on a case-by-case basis. 

Once you have uploaded the necessary documents, you can submit the application.

Step 3. Pay the fees

Once the application is submitted, you will need to pay the application fee of AED 750 for the UAE trademark registration.  Applicants can pay trademark registration in the UAE cost through the Ministry of Economy website itself. Payment can be made using E-dirham card or regular credit/debit card. This application fee of AED 750does not include any legal and translation fees that you may have to incur for getting the data translated in Arabic since all the data need to be translated into Arabic before submission.

Step 4. Study of Trademark by MoE & approval of application

After submission of application and payment of application fee, the Ministry of Economy will review your application for trademark registration in the UAE. You must be careful and accurate while filling out the application, as any missing or wrong information can get your application rejected. However, should this happen, applicants can appeal or modify their application as required. If your application has no issues, then the Ministry of Economy will typically give approval within 30 days.

Step 5. Announcement of Trademark in Official Journal

Once the trademark application is approved, you will need to make an announcement of your trademark published in the official journal and two local newspapers. 

  • For your trademark to be published in the official trademark journal, you will need to pay AED 1,000 to the Ministry of Economy, who will publish it on your behalf and
  • For your trademark to be published in in two local Arabic-language newspapers, you will have to contact the News agency and get it done at an additional cost.
You can get the announcement published in any 2 of the below-mentioned Arabic newspapers :
  1. Al Khaleej
  2. Al Bayan
  3. Al Ittihad
  4. Al Watan
  5. Al Fajr
  6. Al Wahda
After it has been published in two local Arabic newspapers in the UAE, members of the public have 30 days to make an objection to your trademark. If someone objects to your trademark in that time period, the Ministry of Economy will review the objection, following which they will either reject it or inform you to make necessary changes in the Trademark. However, bear in mind that the Ministry of Economy only publishes the announcement at the end of each month, so applicants could have to wait almost two months to have their trademark registered in the UAE.
Step 5. Receive the Trademark Registration Certificate

Once the 30 days period is over and no objection is received on the Trademark, MoE will inform you about this and will ask you to make the payment of Trademark Registration Fees. The Trademark registration fee can be paid online like the application fee was paid. On payment of the Registration Fee, the Trademark Registration Certificate will become available for download. The certificate will include important details such as the trademark’s registration number, the trade name and owner’s name, the trademark itself and a description of the goods and services that fall under it. Here’s a sample Trademark Registration Certificate :

Sample Trademark Registration Certificate

Sample Trademark Registration Certificate

What is validity of Trademark Registration Certificate ?

A trademark registered in the UAE has a validity of 10 years, after which it must be renewed by paying a renewal cost. please note that registering your trademark only protects it in the seven emirates of the UAE, and not in any other country.

Need assistance in Trademark Registration in UAE ?

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